Our Team

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Freddie Cull

Founder / Strategist

Freddie is the founder of TeamTalk, and has been working in the WebRTC and AI space for the last three years. He has founded 3 start-ups to date, is an official startup mentor for Surgify, and worked as a lead digital strategist for large multinational firms such as Foreo and Natural Source Group.

Abbas Sarfraz

Growth Hacker / Digital Marketer

Abbas has a knack for growing SaaS startups into established brands . He has successfully helped launched multiple startups across North America, Europe and Asia, including UpViral, Connectio, CloudMonix and Collabspot.

Muhammad Iqbal

Chief Developer

Iqbal is a PHP specialist. He's developed high-end scalable web apps for reputable companies such as Cygnismedia and Social Hubris. He routinely implements API-centric architecture, has worked with AI products for the last 3 years and has a keen understanding and experience in the space.

Irina Akhmedshina

Graphic Designer

Irina is a design wizard. She is an highly experienced graphic designer for Media Kits, websites, mobile and look-books. Companies she's worked with include Oysby London, Iforium, and Sotheby's Realty - to name a few.