Cutting edge VC

We use the freshest software out there so you are assured the best quality stream, 10+ multi-calls, 1 click rooms and no clunky plug-ins. Have at it!

Audio record

Record parts or all of the call. It's stored securely in our cloud for you to playback whenever you want. No need to take notes anymore.

Interactive checklist

Add, take away, amend your meeting checklist. Everyone on the call can follow it and anyone can use it. Stay on point.

Screen share

Our screen share is again using the latest software available so you can effortlessly show the room your screen or watch others.

Efficiency timers

Meetings don't need go on and on. Avoid losing track using our timers. A reminder alert when time runs over. Really simple, mega helpful.

The big launch!

Early '17, our next feature is unique. It's the most helpful and advanced tool for video-calls yet. Drop us your email below to be invited to our private-beta!

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