Best HD Video Conferencing Software Features - TeamTalk

Private rooms

Own your own private room that only you & your invitees can use. You can choose the link name too!

Document Share

Live share, upload, and download any documents via the call with your participants.

Meeting Invitations

Send private 1-click invitations to join your private meeting room for a call. Send these in advance or in real-time. 

Meeting Schedule

Never miss a call. Calls will be automatically added to yours and your invitees google calendars.


Write, draw, and take communal notes with your callers. Then download the document.


Beautifully designed and personalised text chat for your private room for dynamic communication with your callers.

Picture Quality

We’ve designed the best software available for unbeatable video quality, 10+ multi-calls, and no downloads / plug-ins. 

Audio Record

Record parts or all of your call. It's stored securely in our cloud for you to playback whenever you want. No notes needed!

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